TAKING ACTION: Albertville Police warn of a scam that involves a check and shopping spree, say it’s popping up across the city

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- The Albertville Police Department is seeing a different type of scam going around the city.

Police say recently a new scam is cropping up around Albertville, and it's leaving its victims with empty promises and out money. "We're starting to see a lot of this, where people are getting checks in the mail saying if you go spend this, go on a shopping spree at Walmart for a period of time, you'll receive this amount of money," Albertville Police Chief Doug Pollard says "People are actually coming to the banks trying to cash these checks, and they're no good."

Pollard says this is happening frequently all over the city. Police say scammers are sending out a proposal of a check with a promise of a shopping spree included if the recipient sends back some money first.

Once all is said and done though, that promised check is never good. "This is the time of year where scams, fraudulent checks, all that starts playing a part, and people are falling for it," Pollard says.

That money lost is nearly impossible to trace. Usually, that money won't get back in the victim's hands. "Just be aware. If you see something like that in the mail, just tear it up and throw it in the garbage," Pollard says.  Albertville Police turn these types of cases over to the FBI to investigate.

Bottom line, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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