Madison County GOP says they will continue to support Donald Trump

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - While the Governor and others are distancing themselves from Donald Trump, the Madison County GOP is standing firm in their support of the Republican nominee.

Chairman Sam Givhan says he wasn't pleased when he heard what Trump had to say on the Access Hollywood bus, back in 2005. “Anybody that thought he was the epitome of chivalry and a boy scout was mistaken," he says.

But he also says he wasn't surprised when the news broke.  “He’s bragged about it, he’s been on a lot of things. I was not a supporter of Donald Trump in the primary, he is our nominee. He’s still our nominee and as party chairman, we will be supporting him and supporting the entire Republican ticket," says Givhan.

Now as scores of Republican leaders begin to distance themselves from their nominee, Givhan says he understands the need of some Republicans to do so in tight elections.  “There’s the immediate self-preservation possibility but there’s also the potential for retribution," he says.

He also dismissed Governor Bentley's decision to 'Dump Trump.'  “He doesn’t have to run again," says the chairman.

Givhan says he's concerned less with the nominee, and more with the consequences that Republicans losing the election might bring.  “I think with the GOP, the primary thing is the Supreme Court, and I’m not sure that’s not the primary thing for people who support the Democratic Party," he says.

Givhan emphasizes, in his mind, the repercussions of a Clinton presidency, far outweighs the significance of an 11-year-old piece of video.

“He’s an unusual political creature to say the least, but he has an ability to span across different groups that make up the Republican Party," says Givhan.

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