UPDATE: No charges against two other people in the car involved in manhunt Wednesday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.– WHNT News 19 has been following the officer involved shooting that happened near Blue Spring Road and Sparkman Drive. The incident began with a traffic stop, but after the driver refused to stop, it turned into a manhunt.

After pursuing the vehicle, the driver got out of the car and fired at the police officers who initiated the stop. The officers returned fire, but the driver escaped. A K-9 unit found the driver, 27-year-old Jeremy Hampton, unharmed.

Huntsville police took Hampton into custody at the scene Wednesday on attempted murder charges. The officers who fired at the suspect are on administrative leave. Lt. Stacy Bates said out of the three people in the car, one is now behind bars.

“The two passengers that were detained in the car, they have not been charged with anything in relation to that crime,” he said.

When asked where they go from here, Lt. Bates said there will be administrative and internal follow up.

“We have two officers that were involved in the incident, they were placed on administrative leave, pending the outcome of what the incident review board says,” he said.

Lt. Bates said the review board could take up to three weeks to make their decision.

“Typically that’s the way we’re gonna do it because it would be considered a deadly force issue,” he said.

Bates said they do this because they want to make sure everything they do is in accordance with their policies, and address any equipment or training issues they might have.

“And that’s part of the incident review board, not just to say the officers acted within the law but is there anything as a department that we need to do better in the future to help our officers be prepared for these situations,” he said.

Jeremy Hampton is being held in the Madison County jail on a $60,000 bond.