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Pansies are more than just a beautiful flower for the garden

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October is the time to plant pansies if you want to have some flowers in your garden during the winter months.  Pansies love cool weather and can thrive in a sunny location through the winter and last until May or June.  They are some of the longest blooming annuals in our area and come in all colors - even black!  It's no secret that pansies make a beautiful addition to your winter landscape, but there's much more to them than that.

Pansies are a perfectly edible flower.  You can enjoy just the petals or even eat the entire flower on a beautiful green salad, as a decoration on a cake, or in a cocktail.  Just be sure to eat pansies that are organically grown and free from any pesticides.

In German-speaking countries, pansies are called "Stiefmütterchen" which means "Little stepmother," and there's a fun reason why.  The petals on a pansy tell a little Cinderella story.  Watch the video above to hear the story and see how pansies are perfect for color, taste, and a great story.

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