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Injured firefighter in Hundley Apartment blaze speaks out

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--  Earlier this week an apartment fire broke out on Hundley Drive in Huntsville. The fire injured four people. A man, his two stepchildren, and a firefighter who came to their rescue.

The stepfather is still at Huntsville Hospital in serious condition. The children, ages 10 and 15 remain at Children's of Alabama in Birmingham in critical condition. The firefighter has been released.

Joshua Cochran said when he arrived on scene at the Hundley apartment fire, the main focus was saving those inside.

"We pushed a little harder to get in because the back deck was on fire, so we had to put it out to get into the house to get to the kids," he said.

Once they entered the apartment, the blaze wasn't what Cochran was worried about, it was the kids.

"Four firefighters, you know each had an arm and a leg basically, and we were bringing the kid out trying to get him down, and I stepped and missed a floor joist" said Cochran.

Cochran fell and popped his shoulder out of socket. But, despite his injury, he doesn't think of himself as a hero. He said it's his job.

"There's a least a dozen other guys on scene that could be standing here talking to you, not just me, I'm here because I fell, you know, there's a lot of people who did a lot more work and a lot better job than I did I mean it's kind of what we do," he explained.

Cochran ran into a family member of the victims the other day. They talked about the situation and Cochran said there is some small comfort.

"It's somewhat gratifying I guess to know that, that me and the guys that did what we did to get them out, you know, gave them a chance," he said.

Cochran had a message for the kids still being treated for the burns.

"Get better, you know, fight hard," he pleaded.

Cochran will be out for about two weeks before he can return to work. There has also been an arrest in this case. A person who lived in the apartment that first caught fire is accused of intentionally starting the fire.