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Army Materiel Command stands at the ready for support after Hurricane Matthew

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - The Army Materiel Command's headquarters is at Redstone Arsenal. The command is in charge of anything soldiers use, from food to communications equipment, even vehicles. It's a big, global job.

They're using that job to stand ready in case the Department of Defense calls on them to help following Hurricane Matthew. The US Department of Defense is already at work in Haiti, one of the most affected areas up to this point.

The Army Materiel Command staff are making plans, expecting their services to be needed for humanitarian aid. Part of that plan starts with AMC meteorologist, Captain James Melton. He's the staff weather officer, and part of a partnership between the Air Force and Army. The AMC needs him for their important work.

"Every operations and intelligence update starts with a weather forecast," explained Danny Bordeaux, AMC Deputy Chief of Operations. "He provides us that forecast of what we can expect, which allows our planners the opportunity to prepare."

Bordeaux says with Hurricane Matthew barreling toward the East Coast, the AMC will be ready to help victims and evacuees.

"We're prepositioning not only personnel, but stocks in various locations, in support of FEMA," he explained. "Incident staging bases, our logistics readiness centers... will be instrumental in supporting evacuees as they leave the East Coast and move inland."

The AMC also works, if needed, in coordination with National Guard units that may need support in affected states.

"We provide everything from vehicle support to food to rations to water to power," said Bordeaux.

Through subordinate commands, the AMC and its partners can even contract to bring in more supplies that may be necessary. All this planning gets them ready if they're called.

"We're able to quickly pull together a team to attack and come up with solutions for whatever the Department of Defense may send our way," said Bordeaux.