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A mother and son are working to track down the owner of a missing bracelet

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- It happens to many of us - a piece of jewelry accidentally falls off, and is lost forever. One mother and child are making it their mission to return a bracelet they found that may hold a lot of sentimental value to somebody out there.

“It has like a Paris sign, an Egypt sign, a Mexican sign," said Wesley Holmes, the 8-year-old that found the bracelet.

From the moment he found it lying in the grass at Mayfair Park, Wesley knew it meant a great deal to whomever left it behind. “I really think it’s probably a Mayfair parent," said Kim Holmes, his mother.

They found it on Saturday, and ever since, she's been trying to find the rightful owner on social media and through the weekly soccer league.  “There’s still a few weeks of soccer season so I hope whomever it belongs to, will be back here," says Kim.

On the back of one of the charms is an engraving, “Thanks Mom, from Jacob.”

That tugged at Kim's heart.  “It seems like it’s from a son to a mother, and as a mother of two sons, I would cherish something like that," she said.

Call it a mother's intuition, or perhaps just a way to pay it forward.  “There are many times in my life where I’ve lost stuff that’s not made its way back to me but the few times it has, it’s always been from the help of people. So we just wanted to return the favor to the universe," says Kim.

With charms representing trips and memories of the past, Kim and Wesley hope, for the rightful owner, losing the bracelet is soon forgotten.

“So I hope whoever lost this, finds it," Wesley said.

If you know who that bracelet may belong to, send us a message. We'll help you connect with Kim and return the bracelet to its rightful owner.