Hurricane Matthew: How to help those affected

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Hurricane Matthew makes landfall in Les Cayes, Haiti on October 4, 2016. It's too soon to know exactly where it will be in a few days, or how hard it will hit the United States. But the storm's latest track shows it making a westward turn toward the US East Coast. And officials in several states in that region say they're not taking any chances.

(CNN) — Hurricane Matthew made landfall Tuesday morning in Haiti as a dangerous Category 4 storm with winds of 145 mph, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Several non-profit organizations are already on the ground in Haiti and surrounding areas to help those affected by the storm.

CARE will provide hygiene kits, clean water containers, blankets, and tarps to residents. It’s already providing meals at several shelters.

Catholic Relief Services is working with the Haitian government to relocate residents to secure shelters. CRS will also provide water purification kits, tents, kitchen kits, and cash so people can purchase critical items.

Operation Blessing International will provide chlorine tablets to hospitals, schools, orphanages, and residents to help purify water. Along with other organizations, it will also provide tarps for damaged buildings. Additionally, Operation Blessing International has a rescue boat ready. The group has also converted its schools into shelters.

The storm is expected to strike Cuba next, and may impact the eastern coast of the United States — including Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina — later this week.

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