Ex-wife of Justin Ross Harris will likely testify in trial over son left in hot car

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Justin Ross Harris, the Georgia man facing murder charges in his 22-month-old son's hot car death in 2014, has been indicted on eight charges of "sexting" with minors, according to court documents.

BRUNSWICK, GA — As the trial for Justin Ross Harris gets underway, one of the more intriguing moments of the likely four to six week-long courtroom drama is shaping up to center around the testimony of Harris’ former wife, Leanna Taylor.

Taylor, who reverted to her maiden name after the couple divorced following the death of their son Cooper, is likely to be called to testify by Harris’ defense team. Taylor’s ex-husband is accused of intentionally leaving their 22 month-old son to die in the back of a hot car on June 18, 2014.

“It’s pretty stressful, this is not something she wants to deal with, this is her life being played out in the public forum,” said Lawrence Zimmerman, the attorney hired by Taylor not long after her then-husband was indicted on a malice murder charge, among several other criminal charges.

Though the pre-trial evidence discovery and media attention has painted a grim picture for Harris, Zimmerman said Taylor is unwavering in her belief that her former husband did not intentionally kill their son.

“(Taylor) believes Ross is a good father, that this was not on purpose, that he forgot (his son in the car), and this was an accident,” said Zimmerman. “And she’ll never feel differently or believe differently.”

The prosecution, led by Cobb County Assistant District Attorney Chuck Boring, delivered its opening statement after a jury was set Monday afternoon. The defense team, led by Maddox Kilgore, is set to go with its opening statement first thing Tuesday morning.

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