Petition circulating to repeal HB24 bill that strips $200K from Lawrence County Schools

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LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ala - House Bill 24, now law, will strip around $200,000 every year from the school district's budget.

Now community members are signing a petition that sets out to push back.

"We’re really encouraging our parents and those people that think the law shouldn’t take money from education to go out and sign those petitions," said superintendent Johnny Yates. 

The petition was made available this week and is available at the district main office as well as at the schools and local businesses.

Community members have already begun signing the petitions, citing concerns about what happens after the district makes cuts in response to the bill.

creating concern about what happens after the schools make cuts.

"We won't have funds for anything but the bare basics and that's going to lose the attractiveness of the county to bring in other jobs and employment," said Barbara Carroll, a retired teacher who also raises her children and grandchildren through the system. "It's very disappointing that people in our own county would sabotage children in this way."

Superintendent Yates says the board has been approached by a group of local attorneys who plan to, in conjunction with the board attorney, challenge the constitutionality of the bill.

Meanwhile, Lawrence County Commissioner Bobby Burch says, in a released statement, that he feels legislators may not have properly vetted the bill.


Yates says he will continue to meet with legislators, hoping the public outcry will lead to an appeal during the next legislative session.

The hospital board and municipalities will also lose thousands of dollars from their yearly budget as a result of the law.

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