Massive search for Shawn Childers planned for Saturday

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CLOVERDALE, Ala. - There will be a massive effort to find a missing Lauderdale County man Saturday morning. Shawn Childers disappeared without a trace two weeks ago. His family have their suspicions but little more to go on.

The house and yard in rural Lauderdale County looks much like it did the first time we were here. It was July, just hours after workers armed with an eviction notice had literally thrown Shawn’s belongings out of his house and into a ditch. Many of his personal effects and furniture were damaged or ruined.

A judge intervened and stopped the process but the damage was done. Despite an ongoing legal battle over ownership of the property, the man who had bought the house at a tax sale also arranged for the water and electricity to be cut off.

Childers' roommate, David Nix, says two weeks ago Childers simply walked away from the home. Several days later he filed a missing person report, and there have been several efforts to search the area around the home, but to no avail.

Hidden game camera photo of man initially believed to be Shawn Childers. Investigators now say they know who this man is, and he is not Childers,

Hidden game camera photo of man initially believed to be Shawn Childers. Investigators now say they know who this man is, and he is not Childers,

Investigators believed they had found a clue when this photo surfaced from a hidden game camera in the woods about a mile away, but they now say they know who the man is and it's not Childers.

Nix tells us he and Childers had fought physically in the past but he denies any involvement in Childers' disappearance.

Childers' family, meanwhile, say they believe he has met with foul play and they're coming to town this weekend in search of answers.

There's going to be yet another massive manhunt Saturday morning for Childers. People on horse back, on 4-wheelers, even some specially trained dogs are being brought in. The people organizing this search say they need as many volunteers as they can get. Searchers will meet at 9AM Saturday morning next door to Childers’ home at 1237 County Road 141 in Lauderdale County. Going north from Florence, take Hwy 157 and just north of Cloverdale turn right on County Road 10 which takes you to County Road 141. For more information, call 256-412-2187.

A hearing on the dispute over who actually owns Childers' house is scheduled for November. Meanwhile Nix continues to live on the property getting water and electricity from a neighbor.

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