Alchemy Lounge coffee shop enjoys successful grand opening at Lowe Mill

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- A new local coffee shop held its grand opening Saturday. Focused on offering a unique coffee experience, the owners are also committed to their customers.

"What is in a name?" as Shakespeare said, and in the case of Alchemy Lounge the name is all about chemistry. Literally. Alchemy was a medieval type of chemistry, which is how John and Candace Stough came up with the name for their new coffee shop.

"We look at coffee shops kind of as the legacy of where people make connections with other people, and so we want it to be about the chemistry of the coffee, but also to be about the chemistry of the people," said John Stough.

The new business is another recent addition to the ever-growing Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment. Stough says that's what's going to make it work.

"Small businesses are really the fabric of the United States, and a lot of times we lose touch with that because not everybody's employed by a small business, but everybody shops at a small business," he explained.

Stough said they are committed to creating great coffee, but also a great atmosphere.

"Seeing something that's small and local also gives you not just the creative energy to do it, but it really connects you to the people who you're creating the jobs for and with," he said.

The lounge is open Tuesday through Saturday from early morning until late at night, ready to serve you whenever. It also available to be rented out for events. Alchemy Lounge serves coffee, tea, and food five days a week. They are also hoping to start serving local, craft beer in the coming days.

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