Florence Falcons moving wide receiver Jakobi Byrd to quarterback

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FLORENCE, Ala. - Quarterback is the most important position on a football team.  So when Florence lost its starting quarterback with an ankle in the second game of the season, it was pretty much a worst case scenario.  To fill the void the Falcons coaching staff got a little creative, moving senior wide receiver Jakobi Byrd under center.  "I mean Jakobi is just a ball player, he could play any position on the field if he wanted to, he's that kind of kid.  He's a team player," head coach JB Wallace said.

You won't find a more confident kid than Byrd, but quarterback is a position he hasn't played since middle school.  So Byrd is leaning heavily on injured starter Monte Turner for advice.  "He's been giving me a lot of pointers.  Monte's a very good player, and he knows what he's doing back there so my job, I just need to listen to him and get a lot of wisdom from him," Byrd told WHNT News 19 Sports' Taylor Tannebaum.  "I just wanna turn this thing around.  We've got nothing but region games left so I'm hoping to win out and go all the way."

It took a while to adjust to the position, but Byrd eventually led the team to its first win of the season over Athens.  The transition to signal caller has been a smooth one for the senior, because he was already considered a team leader.   "I've always been a leader on the offense, mee and Monte.  So me just stepping up and playing this role, its kinda just a different position for me everyone else is used to me being a leader, and stepping up, and talking and everything like that."