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Driving You Crazy: Madison County woman says “enough is enough” after dog is hit by speeding car

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Morgan West lives on Ruth Circle in Madison County. There's a sign posted at the entrance of the residential street, with one way in, and one way out. The speed limit posted is 25 miles per hour. However, West says it seems as if it only serves as a suggestion to "numerous people.”

“Some of them slow down, some of them speed up, some of them just don't care," said West.

Just last week, two dogs were hit and killed by what West believes were speeders. One of the dogs was hers. "I just came home to him in my driveway. Nothing else, he was just in my driveway dead."

Her kids can't even ride their bikes, except in the yard. "They were like "Mommy, can we ride out there? And I was like no," she said. She's worried about what could happen and she wants that to change. "I mean make it safer at least-- not to let them just play in the road, but if they want to ride their bike, let [them] be able to do that," said West.

We gave West our radar gun and had her clock cars as they were coming down the street.  Many seemed as if they were speeding, but in fact, were only going at an average rate of 25mph-- which, again, is the posted limit. Out of the half-dozen or so cars we saw, only one was speeding, hitting 37mph. However we were not there during peak traffic hours.

"They need to stop speeding, you know it could be a kid next," said West

We reached out to district one commissioner, Roger Jones-- to see what could be done. Maybe the speed limit simply being lowered? He said it's a problem throughout the county. He said they would look into placing a radar speed sign to allow drivers to see how fast they are going, and assess the situation from there.

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