More than 100 race to beat the International Space Station’s trip around Earth

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Do you ever wonder how long it takes the International Space Station to make one trip around Earth? Over 100 found out Saturday morning during the "Racin' the Station" duathlon.

"Racing the station is actually a duathlon. It's a run, bike, run event," said Kent Criswell, Race Director.

Racers can do the entire race themselves, or have a relay partner, but there's something about this race that is much like what the astronauts at the International Space Station do.

"The idea is for the racers to finish all of that before the space station orbits the earth, which is about 90 minutes," said Criswell.

But how long are we actually talking?

"The distances are pi kilometers run, E to the pi power kilometer bike, pi kilometer run again," said Criswell.

If you didn't catch that...

"It's 1.95 miles, so just under a two mile run, a 14.3 mile bike and again a 1.95 mile run," explained Criswell.

It's an event all members of the family can participate in.

"The youngest person we've had in the past has been 12 and he actually beat the station so he came in pretty quick and this year we have an 11 year old, 12 year old and a 7 year old," said Criswell.

"Anybody who wants to do it or just ya know, you can do it, it's super fun," said first time racer, Terri Cameron. "Just get on your tennis shoes and go!"