Evans Elementary students in Albertville create a living wax museum as part of a hands-on learning experience

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Albertville, Ala. — A group of students at Evans Elementary School in Albertville are getting a unique hands-on learning experience the community could enjoy.

The students researched and created a living wax museum at their school as part of their class work. The students picked the historic figures themselves.  “We could do some famous inventors from the 1900s to the 1940s,” explains student Griffin Simmons, “Or, we could do some famous people in history, and there’s some people all the way from John F. Kennedy to Wilbur Wright.”

Students picked an influential historic figure, dressed the part, and made a display with facts about their figure. Each student was even equipped with recorded audio for visitors to learn more, all the while staying completely still, playing the part. “The biggest thing I think we’re learning is I think we’re learning teamwork,” Simmons says, “I think this is something that we really had to get together and use teamwork to make and build and create.”

The wax museum opened on Wednesday and ran through Friday at different times. This is the first year the school has done this. It was open to the public.