Limestone County woman arrested after half a pound of methamphetamine discovered during search

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Heather Nicole Legg (Photo Courtesy of the Limestone County Sheriff's Office)

ATHENS, Ala. – According to the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office 24-year-old Heather Nicole Legg was discovered to have over half a pound of methamphetamine in her vehicle Tuesday night.

During the Investigation,  they noticed what appeared to be a drug transaction taking place between Legg and another person at an Athens motel. They watched as Legg  drove an SUV to a gas station then attempted to flee when she noticed a large presences of law enforcement vehicles.

Deputies confronted her in the parking lot about the suspicious activity, and during the course of the search they found six bags of “ice” methamphetamine weighing approximately 8.5 ounces. Police say that the street value of 8.5 ounces of “ice” meth is around $9000.

Legg was charged with Drug Trafficking.

Heather Nicole Legg is being held in the Limestone County Jail.

A bond has not been set.

Ice Meth (Photo Courtesy of the Limestone County Sheriff's Office)

Ice Meth
(Photo Courtesy of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office)

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