“It means the world”: DeKalb County five-year-old granted wish to Disney World

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IDER, Ala. -- A little boy in DeKalb County got a special wish granted Tuesday, and it's one his whole family can enjoy.

A gym at Ider School is bursting with excited voices. Tuesday morning is special, and it's all for one little boy and his family. "In September, 2012, my son had a traumatic brain injury, and so he's had a crazy journey with a lot of medical issues and seizures, and he had to have a trach for a while, and it's just been hard for him and for all of us," says Amber Burgess. Her five-year-old son Eli is a student at Ider. "It's the special services program and he goes five days a week," Burgess explains.

The school day Tuesday is different.

"Magic Moments is a wish granting organization for children who are residents of Alabama who have life threatening, chronic illnesses," explains organization volunteer Pam Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is there to make a special announcement. "They were able to grant Eli a wish to go to Disney World," Burgess says.

Eli doesn't have any idea.

As he and his mom stand in front of dozens of students, the announcement is made. Eli's smile is as big as it gets as his peers cheer around him. "It means the world for him to just be able to be a kid and have fun and just do fun, normal kid stuff with other kids," Burgess says, "That just means the world to us."

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