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Virginia College to offer scholarships for ITT Tech students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Many local higher education institutions have reached out to ITT Tech students, displaced when the campus closed earlier this week. Virginia College is taking it a step further, they’re offering scholarship money.

While students were left in the dark about what would come next, Virginia College saw an opportunity. “These students that have been going to class everyday for a period of time are now going to have their community gone so we decided to bring them into our fold for those that were eligible,” says Veronica Cram, the President of the Huntsville campus.

The school will accept ITT credits at all of their locations across the country.  “We don’t have all of the programs but we do have some of them and we’ve always accepted all of their transfer credits so that has not changed,” says Cram.

What has, is the school is now offering all ITT student a 10% discount on their fall tuition. Cram says she feels for the students caught in the crosshairs, and thinks it’s a great way to give back.  “So they didn’t pay that money or spend that time or miss family events studying for a final for nothing,” she says.

Virginia College’s accreditation is similar to ITT Tech’s, which could cause some to worry the college could face a similar fate as ITT through the U.S. Department of Education.

Cram says not a chance.  “I started out here at Virginia College in Huntsville 9 years ago and they have my upmost confidence,” Cram says.

She says their doors are wide open and not just for students.  “We also encourage their faculty to come and meet with us and apply. We do have positions open,” she says.

Nursing Students to go to Montgomery Campus

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Almost as soon as the news of ITT's closure broke Tuesday morning, a group of nursing students banded together to figure out what might come next for their education.

“This is just a bump in the road," says Alicia Turner.  “We’ve got to finish this, We have to finish what we started.”

The Logan's in Madison has become a port in a storm for Alicia and other ITT Tech students. On Tuesday, a group of nursing students posted a sign on the door that read,  “We’re at Logan's drowning our tears, come join us.”

They gathered at the Logan's for several hours to commiserate together.

What a difference a few days make.

“It feels really good knowing there is a chance, there is an opportunity," says Turner.

Alicia was a part of a group of nursing students that drove to Montgomery Thursday to tour Virginia College. The school has a campus in Huntsville, but their nursing program is based down south. She says other institutions close by have offered refuge for the abandoned students, but some of the colleges don't offer ASN degrees.

Turner says Virginia College in Montgomery is the best option for her, because they accept the most ITT credits.  “I’ll be finishing in March," she says.

Despite adding a few months to her graduation countdown clock, she says it's worth it. “An extra quarter or two is a small price to pay instead of starting over," says Turner.

She hopes her classmates will join her in the Capital City. They've even toyed with the idea of renting a house together.  “We could have study group," she joked.

More than anything, they've been there for each other, emotionally. Turner says her classmates have kept her grounded as to why she's doing this in the first place, for her mother.  “I made a commitment to her on a Friday that I would finish my nursing degree and she passed away that Monday so it’s important," she said with tears in her eyes.

Alicia has made it official; she's agreed to terms with Virginia College. So this trip to Logan's in Madison was one to celebrate the promises kept to those she loves.

Alicia admits driving to Montgomery twice a week won't be a perfect solution for all of her classmates. She says regardless of what her classmates do, she just hopes they keep working towards their degree.

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