The search continues for missing swimmer at Pickwick Lake

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. - Search crews from three different states are looking for a missing swimmer near Pickwick Dam.

The Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency Director, George Grabryan says that around 12:30 Monday afternoon, a 36-year-old man from Memphis jumped off of a pontoon boat, swam around for a few minutes, then never resurfaced.

"Fortunately we've got a number of different agencies that are out." says Grabryan.  "We've got agencies from Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama working together trying to come up with a solution out here."

Grabryan believes that the man went under on the Alabama side of the Tennessee River.

Search crews spent most of Tuesday using sonar to search points of interest in the water.

"We've worked a lot of these things over the years, and we will be here until we get it done." says George Grabryan.

Crews are also doing visual searches along the riverbanks and downstream from where the man entered the water.

The search point is where Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee meet in the water.



Search crews from multiple states search for missing swimmer near Pickwick Dam