Health Matters gets real, fast for Huntsville woman

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A few people have asked me if I was hesitant to share the story of the massive pulmonary embolism event from last February.

The answer is usually “not at all.”

Linda Culpepper is my new best friend.

She sent me an email after watching my story on August 8 detailing  my ordeal with blood clots. Those clots put me in the ICU several days and caused me to miss a month of work.

But Linda … she made my day. This is the email she sent.

Greg, my name is Linda Culpepper and I just moved to Huntsville a little over a month ago to be close to my daughter and her family and I watch WHNT NEWS 19. I love Huntsville and thoroughly enjoy watching NEWS 19. I want to thank you for the segment you did about your near death experience. I am in the hospital at this moment being treated for a blood clot behind my right knee!! Because of your segment on TV I decided I needed to go to the walk in clinic the next day and get it checked out. They sent me for a Doppler and found a 2 cm clot!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that segment. I know God intended for me to see it! God is good!! So glad he was with you and brought you through your ordeal!! Thanks again!! Take care of yourself.

This is why we do these stories!  Our goal is to hopefully make a difference.

I started corresponding with Linda. She is a sweet, dear woman who loves spending time here in the Rocket City.  Like most of us, she has had some challenges in her life to overcome.  But, the key is putting one foot in front of the other and keep getting back up.

Linda will continue to get back up. She is doing great. And, I feel like I have a new best friend.