College football’s return brings surprises, blowouts

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Auburn battled Clemson hard in a season-opener showdown on the plains. Since then the team has won only one game.

College football is back and bringing the twists and turns that make it such a fan favorite.

The Labor Day weekend saw a number of surprises, as well as a few blowouts.

Alabama (#1) routed USC (#20) in Arlington, Texas Saturday night, winning 52-to-6.

Auburn meanwhile, held its own in a game with Clemson (#2) down on the plains. Clemson took the win with a score of 19-to-13.

Some of the more surprising upsets included Wisconsin’s victory over LSU. A dramatic interception sealed the victory for the Badgers over one of the SEC’s top teams.

Houston (#15) is now considered a potential playoff contender, after blasting Oklahoma (#3) in a 33-23 victory.

The games aren’t over yet either. Ole Miss (#11) will battle Florida State (#4) on Monday night in Orlando, Florida.