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National Preparedness Month kicks off with some tips for emergency kits

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-- WHNT News 19 is taking action to help keep you safe. In the wake of the flooding disasters in Louisiana, and tropical storm Hermine, a lot of people might be thinking about what they would do in those situations. Being prepared for emergency situations could very well keep you alive.

Huntsville Fire and Rescue talks with us about how to be prepared if bad weather comes through our area.

September is National Preparedness Month. It's a great time to make sure you have everything you need in an emergency.

"I would say a radio, a cellphone, and some water, would be the top three things that you need," said Capt. Frank McKenzie. He said emergency kits are essential. They are readily available to buy, or you could make your own.

."On our website it will actually direct you to some places you can go that will give you the things you need in those kits," he said.

McKenzie said when emergency situations like tornadoes, flooding, or hurricanes hit, texting might be your best bet.

"The lines get clogged up really easy. One of the best things a person could do in that is actually a text message can go out a little easier," he explains.

Besides the basics, McKenzie said other things to add to your kits should be batteries, food, and flashlights. Another good thing to have around is a backup emergency generator.

"If you have a generator, that`d be great to have, you know you can charge your items and you can run certain items off of it, you can also even charge your cellphones and things like that," he said.

McKenzie said if you are caught in an emergency situation, keeping a preparedness kit in the closet or in your car could save your life.

With the winter weather coming up it's also worth noting there are different preparedness kits you can buy that have different items in them depending on the emergency situation. But, they should all have the essentials.