Taking Action: Worried for their kids’ safety, Albertville parents hope to create permanent fix to stop speeders on their street

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - An Albertville mom and dad are working to get something permanent done about the speeders through their heavily traveled neighborhood. They're concerned about their kids' safety as they get on and off the school bus.

David Currier and his wife say they've had enough of drivers speeding down Portwood Drive in Albertville.

"It depends. Anywhere from 35 to I've seen 65, and this is a residential road," Currier explains. He says cars speed through, many times over the posted speed limit.

The heavily traveled thoroughfare is a cut-through to U.S. Highway 431, and at 7:30 Tuesday morning, cars more often than not hurtled past the house-lined street.

The couple's main concern is their small children, who get on and off the bus while cars speed past. Sometimes they say, traffic doesn't even stop when the bus is. stopped.

"The only thing that saved my son and daughter from getting hit was the fact that we had taught him to look both ways," Currier said. "He saw, it was a Trailblazer. He saw the Trailblazer speeding through and he stopped."

The Curriers say crashes have happened right near their home. Their kids don't play out in the front yard.

Now they're trying to create a permanent fix. "If you put speed bumps, that is a continuous, ongoing impediment to the traffic," Currier says.

Currier is researching costs, and along with some neighbors, plans to present the idea to the Albertville City Council at its upcoming meeting. "Because it needs to be done, because I would rather them spend that money and protect everyone from then on instead of waiting for something bad to happen, and it costing someone their life," Currier explains.

City officials say they have discussed the idea of speed bumps in the past, and say they are open to a discussion with residents on what can be done. Tuesday, the city also installed three new signs on Portwood Drive.

Albertville Police have extra patrols in the area to combat the issue, and have already written several tickets. The police department says it plans to continue to have officers in the area as much as possible.