Nearly 35 years a cold case, Scottsboro Police ask for public’s help in identifying John Doe

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. -- A nearly 35-year-old case doesn't have any answers and Scottsboro Police are hoping by getting the word out it can,  and a family can have closure.

A Scottsboro cemetery nestled among hills and tree-lined streets is quiet. The cemetery holds hundreds of stories of lives that are gone. It also holds a mystery.

"Back in October of 1981, we had a fatal pedestrian accident," Scottsboro Police Lieutenant Erik Dohring says.

Dohring says the man was hit on Highway 72. He didn't have any identification. "They did find a piece of paper in his pocket with a phone number on it, but no name," Dohring says.

That number went to a man from Kentucky, who told investigators at the time he had dropped the man off in Scottsboro, and didn't get his name. The lead was another dead-end.

The appropriate steps were taken, but the case turned cold. John Doe was buried in a Scottsboro cemetery.

The investigation continued.

A couple of years ago the FBI exhumed the body hoping he was a man on their Top Ten Most Wanted list. The DNA did not match, and didn't match in any databases.

Scottsboro Police are still hoping this case can come to a close, and hope the public can help put an end to it. "Somebody out there needs closure," Dohring says," Somebody's missing a loved one, and they just don't know whatever happened to him."

Dohring says any bit of information, no matter how small, can help. At this point closure is what Scottsboro Police are looking for. "That's our main goal now. If we could just give somebody closure on it and identify him that would be great," Dohring says.

To view the picture of John Doe, scroll through the gallery below.  Please note that the image is not particularly inappropriate or gory, but be forewarned it is a postmortem photo.

You can reach the Scottsboro Police Department at 256-574-3333 or (256) 574-4468. Police say all tips on this case are welcome.