Memorial Parkway traffic in south Huntsville to switch to new service roads Wednesday

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Heads up if you use South Memorial Parkway for your daily drive.  There will be big changes on Wednesday.

Construction on the new overpasses is moving ahead at full speed, especially at Martin Road.  Starting Wednesday, August 31 drivers will be shifted to the recently constructed northbound and southbound service roads.

The section of existing Memorial Parkway mainline that runs under the Martin Road bridge will remain in use.

  • Northbound motorists will merge onto the northbound service road just north of the Whitesburg Drive overpass and shift back to the parkway mainline just north of Boulevard South.
  • Southbound motorists will be transferred to the southbound service road just north of Boulevard South and will have the option to return to the mainline just north of the Whitesburg Drive overpass.

You should plan ahead for additional delays, due to striping operations and traffic signal changes. The Alabama Department of Transportation warns at times, traffic in both directions will be stopped completely for periods of about 10 minutes.

Also – please be aware all median crossovers will be closed. When the service roads and signals are operational, motorists will be able to make left turns and U-turns at Logan Drive and Lily Flagg Road in addition to Byrd Spring Road. Motorists may also make U-turns at Golf Road and Whitesburg Drive.

Construction on South Memorial Parkway will continue until 2019.  Good news, though — crews are ahead of schedule, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation.