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Local Chocolatiers say Willy Wonka introduced them to a “World of Pure Imagination”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala - The world is just a little less sweet with the passing of Gene Wilder- probably best known for his role as Willy Wonka.

A local chocolate shop's owners are mourning the death of the man that showed them where pure imagination can take really them- but they're doing something sweet in his honor.

"I would just wear tapes out of Willy Wonka," said Michelle Novosel, Co-Owner of Pizzelle’s Confections.

"We watched that movie every single day for at least 2 years. We knew it by heart," said Kaitlin Lyon, Michelle’s sister, and also Co-Owner.

As kids, it's safe to say the owners of Pizzelle's Confections had a favorite movie.

"I just couldn't take my eyes off of chocolate being made," said Novosel.

Now, years later, they're Huntsville’s version of Willy Wonka. "That's what we like to think. Growing up he was my inspiration. I always wanted to be a candy maker when I was little," said Novosel.

So it's only fitting during the wake of his death, they honor the man who introduced them to a world of pure imagination, with a piece of chocolate.

"It might have something to do with Violet Beaureguard," said Novosel.

The rest of their truffles, will all be renamed during their time of mourning to reflect the wild, and odd character these sisters grew to love. "he really has been the inspiration for our shop here."

A dream, they never would have believed would come true. "Sometimes I still come to work and look around and think how did this happen?" said Lyon.

The tribute truffle will be debuted on September 10th. They are also working out the details to donate a portion of sales to Alzheimer’s research.