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Garden Cove Produce Co-owner says closing is a “business decision”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Garden Cove Produce in Huntsville is closing its doors for the last time, Friday, September 2nd. After 31 years of business, shoppers are sad, to say the least, to see the store go.

"I'm going to miss it, that's all I can say," said Patricia Reynolds. "I'm going to miss this place."

"I love to come to this store because you get a hug when you come here," said Jane Kilbride.

For the last eight years, co-owner, Edna Sidney, says they've been trying to build back up after trusted employees were involved in an embezzlement situation.

"We are here at our fiscal year end and just had to make some very tough decisions about how we move forward," said Sidney.

She says the decision to close was strictly business. Since 2008, on top of economic troubles, Sidney says more competitors with deeper pockets started moving in.

Frequent shoppers say you won't find another store quite like Garden Cove.

"This is the only store I really trust and I love coming here and they show you love," said Reynolds.

"This has been a wonderful service to our community," said Kilbride. "Beautiful food, gracious, sweet people."

Known for their fresh produce and passion for eating well - we asked if this will be the last we see of Garden Cove. "Never say never. We may be closing Garden Cove but our passion remains the same," said Sidney.