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Color Run scheduled for this weekend in downtown Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Color Run is returning to Huntsville; this year with a "Tropicolor" theme. There's still time to register, and, thanks to Arts Huntsville, you can save money on your registration.

The run is scheduled for September 3, 2016 on Clinton Street. Waves begin at 8:00 a.m. and leave every few minutes until 8:30 a.m.

If you're interested in participating, but don't want to run, Arts Huntsville is still looking for volunteers. You can volunteer by signing up here.

Arts Huntsville has some tips for those of you running in the race this weekend:

What to Wear:
The best thing to wear is WHITE.  Many runners get creative and wear tutus and other fun costumes. As long as you’re wearing mostly white, you will be all set.  The color does mostly wash out after the event, but be sure to wear something that you’re OK with getting full of color. If you’d like to KEEP all of the color you capture, spray it with vinegar and iron it before washing.

What to bring:
The first thing to bring is a fun attitude and be ready for a colorful party!! You can also bring spectators to watch the race and be a part of the post-race party. Other than that, be sure to have a towel to sit on in the car on the way home, just in case you have some powder left on you.  There is an air blown cleaning machine at the finish line that should help you get A lot of runners bring glasses, goggles or bandanas for over their eyes and mouths when running through the color stations. The color used at The Color Run is a non-toxic combination of cornstarch, baking soda and FD&C dyes.   If you bring a camera you should cover it with plastic wrap or put it in a plastic bag.