BP settlement money to be large part of special session

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When legislators return to Montgomery Monday, they'll be discussing new funding options for the state. Not just the lottery, but money they've already won.

"The house will take up BP, the funding on BP and distribution of those funds," explained Representative Danny Crawford.

This year, Alabama will have its first $50 million available from the settlement. But there's debate over where it should go.

"The BP money is one-time money, you're much better off paying your debt," said Crawford. "We owe it to the taxpayers of Alabama, and we need to pay it off."

Lawmakers from Mobile and Baldwin counties demand virtually all of it.

Meanwhile, reps from the other 65 counties have a different idea.

"The economic crisis didn't only affect Baldwin and Mobile county. Businesses are owned by folks north of those counties," he explained. "The whole state lost, and it's an opportunity for the whole state to gain."

The special session commences in Montgomery Monday, August 15.

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