Huntsville Police identify fallen veteran officer

Drivers complain of short light at Pulaski Pike & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Drivers on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Highway say their brake pads are running bare from slamming on their brakes at the intersection of Pulaski Pike.

The complaint says the light at Pulaski Pike only lasts long enough to allow cars that are physically waiting at the light to go -- and not the cars a few feet behind the sensor -- resulting in slamming on the brakes at the last second from a speed of 55 miles per hour to a dead stop.

They requested flashing lights to warn drivers of when it's about to change, so they could prepare a little better for the stop.

WHNT News 19 reached out to the Traffic Engineering Department for the City of Huntsville.  Employees told us Pulaski Pike is considered the "main" street because of the higher traffic volume.   Because of that, advance detectors are placed several hundred feet upstream from the light, keeping the light green longer to prepare for approaching traffic.

Side streets, though, don't have these.  They have "stop bar" detectors, which are sensors right at the intersection and detect cars waiting at the intersection. When those cars move into the intersection, cars several hundred feet back are not yet detected, so the light turns yellow to allow for the green light on the street with the highest traffic volume.

Engineers told WHNT News 19 they would look at the intersection in the future, but at last glance on the traffic count in 2014, Pulaski still has a higher margin.

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