Huntsville Mayor Candidate Jackie Reed discusses why she should be elected

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville is the leading city in North Alabama, so the person in the Mayor’s seat is especially important.  This week Mayor Candidate Jackie Reed stopped WHNT News 19 to give her perspective about why she should be elected.

Every candidate has a vision for how Huntsville should be.  Jackie Reed says that, “I care about growth, and I care about development, and I care about the jobs, education, and the streets.  There’s a lot of things that if I were the mayor I would appoint young professionals, senior professionals.  Let them all have their separate ideas and then let them get together and see what it would take to make Huntsville a beautiful city.  I also would think that we need a women’s committee because they’re different. They think different, and I think we need a good vision as to how we want to make Huntsville great again.  You know we’ve got urban planners that come from out of town and that’s a good thing.  We need planners.  We also need input from the public and communication from the people and from the public.  We need to take care of what we’ve got first, that’s my idea.”

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