Cox and Auten practically tied after Day 3 of the Forrest Wood Cup Pro Fishing Tournament

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's no fishing tale, the leader board for the Forrest Wood Cup is neck and neck leading into the final round. Round One and Two, John Cox lead his competitors by several pounds, but after a strong Day Three, Todd Auten is now nipping at his heels.

Weighing in at 11 pounds even, Cox still holds a narrow lead, but after an absolutely stellar day by Auten of South Carolina, weighing in at 17 pounds and 11 ounces, Cox's lead is just one pound.

“I couldn’t have had a better day," says Auten.

“Day 3, it was rough but I went back to the same area. I knew it was going to be tough," says Cox.

For the last three days, Cox has relied on a secret spot, way back in a creek. Now, it appears that honey hole has dried up.  “Those fish, the few that are left in that creek, you know, they are used to everything I’m throwing. It’s just not going to happen in there. I’m just going to get some fresh water, and let it roll," says Cox.

While Cox is looking for new territory, Auten plans to go back where he saw so much success. “Hopefully I can go back in the same areas that I’ve been fishing and pull out some more fish. I think the fish are there, just gonna have to grind them out," says Auten.

Both anglers say they're confident about what the final round may bring on Sunday.  “Wheeler, I’ve got some good history here, it’s always an awesome fun lake to fish," says Auten.

So it may come down to who has the best strategy, or let's just be honest here, who gets the luckiest.  “I’m sure Todd is going to fish his butt off too we’ll just have to see what happens when we get here," says Cox.

The top ten anglers will go back out Sunday morning, for the final round of the tournament.