TAKING ACTION: Refresher course for drivers in school zone safety

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.  - In just two days, buses will join you on the roadways while carrying precious cargo: your children.

"Those are our future, our precious ones, those are our babies," Lt. Stacy Bates said.

As classes begin again, Huntsville Police are giving everyone a refresher course in school zone safety. Officers remind everyone the law applies whether a car is approaching from the rear or the front of the bus.

"Anytime they see a school bus that has either its red lights activated, or its stop sign out, you are required to come to a complete stop," Lt. Bates. "The only exception would be if you're on a divided highway and you're approaching the bus, then you can travel on through."

We are taking action to remind everyone that the rules apply on school campuses too.

"When the school buses are pulled up in front of the school, letting kids out, or letting kids on and they have their sign out or their lights on, and you're picking your child up in line and you decide to drive around the bus, you can also be ticketed for that," Lt. Bates said.

A ticket for violating the law in the school zone comes with a big price tag.

"It's a steep penalty," Lt. Bates said. "It can result in you losing your driver's license, having to complete community service, it's a pretty big deal that's taken pretty seriously."

Officers also remind people to watch out for signage in school zones that indicate a change in speed and the hours it's enforced. Officers will be out strictly enforcing the law in these areas.

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