Huntsville Police placing over 80 crossing guards at schools this year

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) - You may not see any students or cars on Wilson Drive right now, but Wednesday morning, it will be full of students walking to class at the new Sonnie Hereford III Elementary School. The area is unique, because this time last year, it was just a neighborhood street. That's why Huntsville Police will be helping direct traffic.  "We want the children throughout the community to be able to get to school safe, be able to come home safe. And that`s what all parents want," says Lt. Stacy Bates of Huntsville Police.

Especially at a neighborhood school like Hereford Elementary, chances are a lot of parents and students will choose to walk to school. That means Huntsville Police will assign crossing guards to ease the process. "We're going to have over 80 school crossing guards, we call them public safety aides within the police department, they're going to be working in not only the public school zones in Huntsville, there's also multiple private schools that we also assign those public safety aids to," says Lt. Bates.

He stresses, drivers need to be alert behind the wheel, especially in school zones.  "If a public safety aide is in the street, she`s telling you to stop or she`s telling you to turn, or he`s telling you to stop or turn, just obey them, don`t give them a hard time," says Bates.

After all, they're not just protecting the students crossing the street, "they`re also there to ease the safety of the drivers," he says.

Keep in mind, several Huntsville Police officers will also be out around school zones to crack down on speeding. So just be safe, take it slow, pay attention to the crossing guards, and never be distracted behind the wheel.

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