BBB warns businesses of government poster shakedown scam

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Businesses are plagued by solicitations from scammers posing as a government agency. Whether by email or telephone, the claim is the same – that every business must purchase certain government regulation posters or face heavy fines. Often these posters are listed at a very high price. The truth is that these posters are available for free from most real government agencies that require them such as the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA).

How to Get Required Posters without Breaking the Bank

  1. Check with your state Department of Labor to determine what posters are required. Typically, you can download these and other posters directly from that website. Alabama businesses can go directly to Alabama DOL Posters.
  2. Go to the Federal agency website for more information and posters – DOL, OSHA.
  3. Scammers use a variety of fake agency names designed to sound like the real thing. Check the name out at for complaints or government actions.
  4. Remember: In most cases, legitimate government agencies will initiate contact you by mail, not by telephone or email.  Source:

Go to Government Imposters Bring Bad Business to Small Businesses for more details.

To report a scam, go to the BBB Scam Tracker.

To find trustworthy businesses, go to

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