TAKING ACTION: Former Lake City Amusement Park employees say they still haven’t been paid, no word from owners

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. -- We are still hearing from former employees who worked at Lake City Amusement Park claiming that they have not been paid. Some say they're owed more than three weeks worth of pay.

Brian Black worked at Lake City Amusement Park in Guntersville. When the park shut down at the end of June, he says it was a surprise. "I had no idea and nobody else had any idea," Black says.

Employees were told to come back that Friday to get their paychecks, but Black says he was told otherwise. He says the owner called him. "Thursday night, and told us that we weren't going to be able to pick our paychecks up and I asked why, and she said something about financial problems, and I thought 'oh my goodness.'"

Black says since then he hasn't gotten the money he's owed. Around $500, Black says. Other former employees say they're owed weeks worth of work as well.

The company is also facing a civil lawsuit from a Decatur-based rental company. Court documents allege the company is owed unpaid rent and costs associated with rental construction equipment used at the park. The documents show that Lake City Amusement Park owes more than $20,000.

We've reached out to the owners multiple times, but they haven't returned our calls. When the park closed, the owner said all of the employees that are paid by Lake City Amusement Park had been paid in full. The owner told us then there were payroll records to back that up.

Black says he hasn't heard from the owners. "We all sacrificed out in the heat and the rain to have extra income to where people can afford things around here," Black says.

The Guntersville Police Department says this situation is generally under the jurisdiction of civil court.  Employees who feel they are owed money are encouraged to take that direction.

Lake City Amusement Park opened in April of this year. The owners of the park say they were forced to close after they lost their financial backing. ‬