Whether you work on Redstone Arsenal or not, construction on Gate 9 should benefit everyone

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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - There's an end in sight for the construction project that is happening less than a mile inside Gate 9. This project will move Gate 9 further from I-565.

"We anticipate construction being complete, all five phases, sometime next summer," Redstone Arsenal Garrison Commander Col. Tom Holliday said Monday.  "We're going to change the traffic pattern and that's what we need everyone to know and understand."

The construction will create three bypass lanes leading to the current Rideout Road.

"As you come through the gate, if you're going south, you need to be prepared to move over to the right and continue in the lanes of travel," Col. Holliday said.

How the changes will benefit everyone 

Whether you work on the Arsenal or not, traffic backups have impacted many people who use I-565 near the Gate 9 exit.  This move of Gate 9, further back from the interstate, means if there are delays, it's less likely the line of traffic will back up as far as I-565.

How the new traffic pattern will work

Drivers will not be able to change lanes in the bypass which eventually will join back with Rideout Road. Those traveling from Goss Road will not be able to turn left onto Rideout Road.

"For those people living in housing, that is probably not the way you want to come to work anymore, you probably want to go down Patton," Col. Holliday said.

Drivers can still turn left from Rideout Road onto Goss Road until further notice.

"You will be able to get to the golf course, the Summit and the housing area from Rideout Road," Col. Holliday said.

Redstone Arsenal Law Enforcement Officers also want to remind drivers that the speed changes from 45 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour in the construction zone.

"With the lower speed limit, we're also going to be doubling fines in the speed zones when workers are present," Capt. Robert York said.

Col. Holliday said they will not add extra security during the construction project. Once the new gate is built and construction is complete, the guard force will move from the current gate to the new Gate 9.