Grant Police Department buys new shotguns for each officer in the agency

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GRANT, Ala. -- The Grant Police Department has a set of new weapons for each officer. There's an effort to give the officers every resource they need to keep themselves and their community safe.

The Grant Police Department recently got $3,000 from the local legislative delegation, and with those funds, the department bought a set of new weapons for each officer.

"We purchased five shotguns, which we have five officers, so now that means that every officer has their own issued shotgun," explains Chief Mike Burgess.

Chief Burgess says the new set of issued weapons adds another element to what officers have at their disposal.

Burgess says it's been a goal to provide as many resources as possible to every officer in the agency to help keep them safe and to help them do their job to the best of their ability. "We're trying to get as many tools out there to the officer so they can have as much protection as they can, and have as much option as they can to do their job as efficiently as possible to protect their community," Burgess says.

The department had funds left over, so it was able to buy extra ammunition for the issued weapons.