Alabama Democratic Delegates share expectations for the Democratic National Convention

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The primary battle between Secretary Clinton and Sen. Sanders ended months ago. Sanders has even endorsed Clinton, yet some of the divisions still remain, even among local Democratic delegates. “I would say there’s a simple way to achieve party unity and that is to hear the voices of Sander’s supporters," says Patrick Doyle, a pledged Bernie Sanders delegate.

Doyle says he's on the fence on whether he will support Clinton in the General Election.  “I know they’re touting party unity, but the fact is many Bernie supporters aren’t feeling unified," he says.

The loyal Bernie supporter says he was underwhelmed when he heard the news that Tim Kaine was given the Vice President spot for the DNC. “From what I know about Tim Kainee, he’s not a very progressive Democrat I think. I know a lot of people were hoping for Sen. Warren or Alan Grayson," says Doyle.

Eddie Sherrod is a pledged Clinton delegate, who says he's pleased with the ticket, from top to bottom.  “She has the experience, she has the exposure. I think she is the person that will continue the things that President Obama has started," says Sherrod.

Whether unity will be achieved or not, Sherrod is optimistic that history will be made in Philadelphia and later this Fall.  “We’re about to have our first female President," says Sherrod.

Patrick Doyle says he hasn't ruled out supporting a third party candidate like the Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein or the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson, if he's not satisfied with what Clinton has to say at the convention.