HVAC unit working overtime? A Home Performance Audit can show where your house is leaking money

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - With all this heat, just about everybody's air conditioning has been getting a workout. To ensure that you're not basically throwing money out the window, Brian Smith said you need to make sure that your home is efficient.

"We want to keep what we're paying for in our house," he said.

Smith is a certified energy auditor with Thomas HVAC and he performs Home Performance Audits on a regular basis.

A Home Performance Audit focuses on improving your home's indoor air quality, comfort and safety, while also reducing your home's energy use. It keys in on the measures that help to keep heated and cooled air inside the house, such as sealing, insulation and ventilation.

"It's preventative maintenance," Smith said.

The company uses a blower door test and infrared technologies to identify all the areas of your home that can be improved in order to create optimal living experiences, reduce energy consumption, minimize health and safety risks in the home, and have the home performing at its highest level.

"We're going to go and find where the house is leaking," he said. "That's the goal is to find where the unwanted air is coming into your house and that's the same place that the air you're paying for is leaving the house."

Customers are then provided with a priority list of how to remedy the issues.

To schedule an appointment with Thomas HVAC for a Home Performance Audit, call (256) 858-4822 or click here.

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