Huntsville Police identify fallen veteran officer

Sheriff Blakely: President Obama should apologize

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ATHENS, Ala. - One of Alabama's top law enforcement officials is on record calling for President Obama to apologize for rushing to blame law enforcement for recent acts of violence, before knowing all of the facts. Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely says those who are going to comment need to know what they're talking about before going public with their thoughts.

When Sheriff Blakely arrived back at his office Monday afternoon to find reporters waiting on him, the first thing he said was he wished he'd never made that Facebook post. But true to form, he then invited the reporters back to his office for a more in-depth discussion of the issue.

In that Facebook post, Sheriff Blakely said, “I call on President Obama and every other leader who has made uninformed or presumptuous incendiary statements about law enforcement, in an effort to generate public outrage for personal political gain, to retract their statements and apologize for their rush to judgement in many of the recent incidents involving law enforcement where suspects have been killed." He posted the comments just hours after three Baton Rouge police officers were gunned down.

Blakely says he's a lifelong democrat who voted twice for President Obama, but says his support for the man is waning.

“I still support him as our President but I don't agree with him and I think he owes an apology to the law enforcement community and to the United States because of his rush to judgement to automatically assume that law enforcement was in the wrong,” Blakely said.

Blakely says there are too many people pointing a finger of blame before knowing all, or in some cases, any of the facts.

“Everything about Ferguson that generated the Black Lives Matter and brought about a lot of the discussion on the part of the President and a lot of the other elected officials throughout the nation, you know, was a bald face lie,” Blakely said.

Blakely says his department enjoys a fantastic relationship with every aspect of the community that they serve but he says he's keenly aware of the fact it would only take one incident to change all of that. A fact he says he makes certain deputies are made aware of on a daily basis.

To read the original Facebook post, CLICK HERE. At last check, the post had been shared more than 2,200 times and liked by more than 4,000 viewers.

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