Catholic church speaks to Parish about recent employee arrest

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MADISON, Ala. - Four days after an employee of Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church is arrested and charged with possession of child pornography, the parish gathered for their Saturday mass in light of this difficult time.

Father Phil O'Kennedy said this is the start of their path of moving forward.  "On Tuesday morning I was absolutely stunned...probably a whole jumble of feelings then," said O'Kennedy.

Father O'Kennedy is going on his tenth year at Saint Johns and says situations like this rarely come with forewarning. "In all honesty, it's the thing we're most careful about all down the line. It's a rude awakening, you can never be certain." said O'Kennedy.

Although, he wants members of the church to know their main concern is with the children. "The worry for all of us is our youth and our children. The staff has been working Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - every which way we can that we are as sure as we can possibly be that he's not tampered with any of the children."

He adds, Martin's primary role within the church was dealing with adults. "We've checked as best we can and we've got as much assurance as we humanly can that he has not in any way interfered with any children or youth in our parish, that we're aware of," said O'Kennedy.



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