Vending feeders for ducks, fish coming to Madison’s Dublin Park

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MADISON, Ala. - Feeding the ducks and fish at Dublin Park just got a lot easier. The city of Madison's Parks and Recreations Director, Kory Alfred, says the park's feeders will look similar to the ones at Big Spring Park.

"We're going to bring out feeders that people can pay a quarter, much like a gumball machine and get a hand full of feed. We're going to try to re-educate the public to try to feed the ducks and geese in the water," said Alfred.

Alfred says the initial steps of installing the feeders just fell into their laps.

"We actually got contacted by a few people asking if we had those feeders available and some citizens that were concerned they've witnessed people feeding the bread to the geese," explained Alfred.

The vendor of the vaulted vending feeder program later reached out to Alfred just by coincidence.

"A vendor came along and said for no cost to you as a city, I'll take care of installing them, we'll split the profit on them, the money that it has generated, but I'll take care of the maintenance and restocking. It's a free benefit to the city, that's not a cost to the city," said Alfred.

There will be 2-3 feeders placed around the area of the pond and they should be set up in the next few weeks.