Veloce Indoor Speedway to open in Huntsville Saturday

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HUNTSVILLE, AL- Veloce is Italian for fast, but if you ask me it also means fun. Some speedy, go-karts are settling into their new home at Veloce Indoor Speedway right here in the Rocket City.

"This happens to be the largest single indoor track in the Southeast," explained Veloce managing partner John Hoffman.

The go-karts can go up to 50 miles per hour.

"The torq is incredible because you'll go to top speed in about a second and a half," said Hoffman.

There are junior go-karts available for younger children that go a little slower.

"Safety is our top priority; our barrier system is state-of-the-art, it's low, spring loaded, if you hit it-- it pushes you back," explained Hoffman.

Racing isn't the only activity that this brand-new center located on Old Monrovia Road offers.

"We've got great facilities: a fantastic birthday room, we also have a conference room," said Hoffman.

The conference room features an HD projector and dry-erase board.

Hoffman says the company is excited to be racing in to the Rocket City.

Huntsville is a great town, it's growing, it's getting bigger and racing is popular..there's really nothing else like this," said Hoffman.