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Brad Johnson running for District 4 Madison City Council Seat

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MADISON, Ala. - Brad Johnson says civic duty runs in his blood. His grandfather was Madison Fire Chief for 35 years.

“I’ve always had the heart and passion to serve Madison. I wasn’t asked to run, I want to run," says Brad Johnson.

Johnson is a lifelong Madison resident and Allstate Insurance agent who says he has a major goal if elected this August.

“The biggest issue for me is transparency, communication, being able to tell the people what’s going on and why and being able to explain how you come to the decision that you did," he says.

Johnson says he'll focus on increasing road construction funding. He says the current allotment of a little more than $1 million yearly is too small. He'd like to see the council spend $3 million per year.

“When it comes to schools, I met with Dr. Fowler. He’s telling me he doesn’t interact a lot with the council other than council meetings. I want to implement a monthly meeting with the school board to work hand in hand to improve that relationship," he says.

More than anything, Johnson stresses that the council needs new leadership and claims his opponent's relationship with outgoing District 4 Councilman Mike Potter shows he would be more of the status quo.

“I don’t want to be a part of the Good 'Ole Boy system anymore and if you want that, my opponent’s your guy. If you want change, if you want change, I’m your guy," says Johnson.

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Election Day is August 23rd.