Alabama State Trooper delivers baby on I-59 in Tuscaloosa

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Alabama State Trooper Richard Pittman hanging out with family after he delivers baby on Tuscaloosa highway. (Photo courtesy of ALEA)

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – A mother-to-be in dire straights was rescued by an Alabama State Trooper on Thursday.

According to our newspartners at, Trooper Richard Pittman was working the scene of a car accident on Interstate 59 in Tuscaloosa when he was approached by a motorist who need help because his passenger was in labor and stuck in traffic.

When the Trooper approached the vehicle, he found the woman to be in active labor.

Secretary of Law Enforcement Stan Stabler says that Trooper Pittman quickly informed the medics of the location of the vehicle and assisted in the delivery of the baby on the roadside.

Trooper Pittman was able to keep the family calm until the ambulance arrived after the baby was born.  Both the mother and newborn were taken to a local hospital in Tuscaloosa.

Once the wreck was cleared, Trooper Pittman visited the family with their new addition at the hospital and he brought along a teddy bear as a gift.

Trooper Pittman received a Governor’s Commendation in November of 2015 after assisting a veteran with PTSD.

“Trooper Pittman’s commitment and dedication to the citizens of Alabama was not only illustrated by his actions today but by his actions everyday,” Stabler said.