School Delays across the Tennessee Valley

WHNT News 19 invites Huntsville Police, community leaders to discuss recent shootings involving officers, minorities

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On Wednesday, July 13 we hosted members of the Huntsville community, including law enforcement and faith-based leaders, to be part of a conversation many of you are likely already talking about with your family, friends and coworkers.

Some of these conversations are a challenge. But they are needed so we can figure out how to move forward in a positive way.  Our goal is to foster a meaningful community conversation. This will be just the start of our effort to encourage understanding of issues across our country and the impact here in the Tennessee Valley.

Community Conversation: A Taking Action Initiative is posted in three segments below:

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We are realistic and realize this initial conversation isn't going to fix years of problems.  We know that there is no immediate answer.

But having this conversation is our way of showing you that "Taking Action and Getting Results" isn't just something we say because it sounds good.  We mean it.

So, here's our promise to you.  We will try to make sure people in positions of power are held accountable and don't abuse it.

We will actively seek solutions that could reduce or stop police violence against minorities.

We will continue to do stories to make sure that in a week or month or year, we aren't all walking around like none of this ever happened.

We thank you for watching, and we thank you for being willing to be a part of the change that is so needed.

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