Rogersville Mayor: “If it saves one, it’s worth every penny…”

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. — Residents of one Shoals town now have free air medical services as a perk of living there.

Rogersville is the quintessential southern town. It’s got one red light and a beautiful main street. People here care about one another– which is what led town leaders to partner with Air Evac.

“I think this is going to save some lives,” explained Rogersville Mayor Richard Herston. “If it saves one, it’s worth every penny we spend.”

Mayor Herston was approached a couple of months ago by Air Evac, to consider purchasing a town-wide membership. He and the town council couldn’t find any downsides to the deal.

“It’s less than $8,000 a year for the membership for everybody,” said Herston. “So, I think that is a bargain.”

Rogersville is located in a very unique spot. It is an equal distance to and from both Florence and Huntsville, the two largest health care providers in north Alabama.

“No matter which way we go we have distance and we’ve got time,” stated Herston. “And when someone is seriously injured, time is the most important factor.”

Herston said the membership includes everyone who lives inside the town limits. That’s roughly 1,200 residents, who will now be able to receive medical attention more quickly in the case that there is an immediate need for it.

Herston said the membership dues will be paid for through the town’s general fund budget.

He added that the service will only cover expenses if the person is airlifted from inside Lauderdale County.

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