Arab Police: Woman makes up elaborate robbery/abduction claim to hide that she stole money

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ARAB, Ala. — An elaborate claim about a robbery involving an abduction could lead to a woman facing charges.

On Wednesday, a woman told Arab Police she had been robbed while handling money. The story became more elaborate from there. “She stated that outside of Check Into Cash, a male individual grabbed her and drove south on 231,” Assistant Chief Shane Washburn said.

Arab Police said the woman told officers the man demanded she hand over the money, or she would be killed. “She said once she gave the money to the offender, he then let her out and drove off,” Washburn said.

Officers went into a detailed investigation, but things weren’t adding up. After questioning the woman again, officers said they found out none of her story was true. “Actually, she had some money wired to her from Nigeria,” Washburn explained. The woman was supposed to send the funds through another avenue to a different location, but police said she kept the money for herself.

“She stated that she made up this elaborate plot basically so the individual who she originally got the money from would not know that she stole it,” Washburn said.

In another turn, Arab Police think the situation with the money might have been a scam, and the woman didn’t know.

Investigators put a lot of hours into this investigation. “We believed we had a robbery with an abduction,” Washburn said.

Now the woman could be facing charges for false reporting.

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